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Good internet marketing stands for a successful mix of instruments. Due to a long history of  (working)experience at commercial and non commercial companies we can point out what the best approach for your product is.
AtMost offers the following ways and parts of internet marketing:

  • Making the link between (offline) marketing strategy and the internet strategy.

  • Executing the composed internet marketing plan with the various instruments like e-mail marketing, search system marketing and mobile marketing
  • Building e-mail marketing concepts, control systems and the editing, lay-out of periodical e-mails. This form of paying e-mail marketing and a click-through of 35 per cent. As a customer you will build a controllable and loyal target group.
  • Demonstrable , successful search system-marketing with which top positions will be realized with respect for the current Google-, Ilse-, Lycos- and MSN rules. Research shows that high ranks improve the traffic and  return/output (conversion) considerably.

  • Flash is used more and more to realize concepts, propositions of the fun-element. Read more and watch a demo.

    Read more and watch a demo

The co-owner of AtMost, Patrick Petersen, is also a teacher/coach and author in the field of internet marketing, online marketing and e-mail marketing of various large companies.