AtMost is u graag van dienst! Waar u ook zit!


‘When a customer wants to travel from A to B, one should not bother him/her with the question what kind of transport the customer should use'.
AtMost offers technology on Microsoft platforms or from the Unix side.

We particularly offer solutions which work, in any form:

  • CMS The well-known Content Management System by AtMost provided with a strong visual interface

  • a webshop which handles customer processes of a physical shop online

  • A newsletter server/reader which applicants can read, compose, send and analyze
  • Trainings made-to-measure, co-owner Patrick Petersen is also a coach/teacher of a wide technical internet marketing field, his teaching experience has been build as from 1996.
  • Developments made-to-measure, many solutions are not standard, but they can be put together from different components.